Wishlist Updates

Trying to stick to the plan

I started making wishlist of the things I wanted to buy a couple of years ago. The idea was that with a list I would be more mindful of my purchases, planning ahead and saving up my pennies so that I would only get what I really wanted instead of indulging in impulse shopping. So I thought I’d look at past lists to see how well I was following the plan. Please note that I’m writing this post late on a Friday night after imbibing, so I’m not going to get too deep into the details.

So Wishlist number one (pictured above). I secured the loopy GAP cardigan, the Carly Waito painting, the KAWS x Uniqlo Cookie Monster, and the Damien Hirst x Swatch Mickey Mouse watch. I’m still on the hunt for the IWC x Porsche watch and the Tim Pitsulaak polar bear print is still available at the AGO but I am running out of wallspace.

My success rate was less successful for Wishlist Two. I got the Jonah Hill x Adidas khakis on sale and they have become a staple. And while I paid full price for the Nikes, they also became a cornerstone of my spring/summer shoe wardrobe. I was outbid on the watch and just couldn’t pull the trigger on the ring and makeup.

I only scored one out of three from the third Wishlist: the windup Snoopy Happy Meal toy. The rest were limited editions that I couldn’t realistically afford in real life (the Space Snoopy was also a limited time offer that I ended up buying on eBay anyway).

Two out four for this Wishlist. I not only got the GAP cords on sale, I also got the same pair in grey deeply discounted a year later. I also got a very similar station necklace but in silver. The David Shrigley skull sold out faster than I could save and I ended up taking a pass on the Peanuts Swatch (although it is still available).

This was St. Patrick’s Day green-themed list. I ended up with a Moonswatch six months later, but the Venus model, not the minty Earth pictured above. I still want the Earth. The rest were all too expensive or I found something similar and couldn’t justify having two green blazers.

Months later and the Moonswatch was still on my mind. I still really want the beaded strap and the Warren Everett Scott earrings. I missed the train on the rain boots entirely.

I feel like I’m missing a Wishlist somewhere in between Spring and Fall. But I can’t find it on the blog or Instagram histories. Let it be noted that I didn’t get any of the above. One day I will have that NOMOS sundial pendant though.

Oh! Found the missing winter Wishlist! So mad that I missed out on the Year of the Tiger socks and the Canadian Olympic team puffer (sometimes it doesn’t pay to sleep on a decision). The Margiela boots were way out of my price range — and this is before inflation was running rampant. I did buy the minty caftan and have gotten excellent mileage from it.

Now we are in winter again. The one of a kind gloves were from one of my favourite vintage stores (Mama Loves You) and we’re sold even before I spotted them on their Instagram feed. The Moomin shirt dress and lucite encased tulip are too rich for my blood. There’s still hope for nameplate earrings.