Wishlist Update Part 3

I’m trying not to buy things, but if you want to get them for me….

Where did I leave off? Oh yes! Things I wish I had. Pictured above were garments I saw on the Target website that I wanted to look for when I visited New York (Target doesn’t ship to Canada anymore). Unfortunately the stores I visited did not have these items.

Same trip. I also made this Wishlist based on these items advertised on the Below 5 website. They did not have.

Speaking of pre shopping, these are my pucks from the upcoming Marni X Uniqlo collaboration that’s due to launch this week. I have like $8 left in my budget for the rest of the month and I just don’t have it in me to do the drop thing anymore. But if there’s anything left over after launch date, this is what I would buy.

Here are a few things I hope to find deeply discounted in January. Except for the Nivada X Seconde Seconde watch. It’s limited edition and definitely out of my price range but I love it for its goofiness.

On a less practical note, I can afford this cloud-shaped weather station. I just don’t know if we have any available space in which to display it. And this Panettone is probably the best value proposition for purchasing a Fornasetti.

On a more practical note, I need winter boots but have put off purchasing a pair because I can’t land on what kind of winter boots I need. In Toronto there’s only a few days of the year when heavy duty foot west is needed. When it’s super cold, I have my sealskin boots but they are super heavy and hot if you have to go inside and can’t take your shoes off. My Blundstones are okay for walking around in snow but if you need thick socks for warmth they become too tight on my tootsies. And I don’t have anything to wear if I had to go to a more formal winter event. Right now I’m leaning toward the Manitobah Mukluks.