I Wanna Be Plastic

I’ve always had an attraction to plastic things. When I was a kid, man made materials were cool and futuristic. As I got older I also got into the retro futurism of Bakelite jewelry. At some point I had a very impressive collection which I sold off bit by bit when my fervour had moved on to other subjects.

I also used to have a beautiful beaded amber necklace that I scored for $4 and sold for a lot more money than that. A lot more. A lotta lot of lot more. I needed the moolah at the time but I’ve always missed it.

So imagine my delight when I spotted this Bakelite lookalike on Facebook Market Place! It belonged to the seller’s mother, which gives extra positive vibes.

I also visited the Value Village last night looking for yarn for a mending project (plus some retail and physical therapy). I don’t normally bother with the camera section but I had read that there was a demand for old digital point and shoots. The boutique did not have any, but they had this cute plastic Brownie camera. These are not particularly valuable but I love the streamline Deco styling so I picked it up.

And as one last fantastic plastic find was this Swatch. I already have this model, but I just can’t say no to an under $10 watch.