Why I Sew

I just wrote a long, thoughtful post about why I like to sew clothes even though my closets are just about bursting. I somehow lost said scribbling just as I was hitting the publish button. And I’m too tired to try to recreate it so here is the Coles Notes version.

I like to keep my hands busy. Generally I do my stitching while watching TV. It makes me feel productive.

PS. Last night I made these lavender filled sachets while screening the movie RRR. It makes me feel like I’m productive as opposed to passive. And the lavender will hopefully keep the moths at bay—an overstuffed closet is too tempting to moths.

You would think that splitting my focus would result in sloppy comprehension and less than stellar tailoring but I think multitasking actually helps my neural capacities. A friend once remarked that I’m a tactile learner. I’m always doodling in meetings. I still take written interview notes. In a nutshell, I talk and I listen with my hands.

I’m also a procrastinator. So this week I’ve been working on completing unfinished projects like this maxi dress (I still need to hem it because I’m on the fence about how long it should be) and this ruffly skirt that just needs one seam to be completed. Easy peasy.