I Love New York

I am back from New York City for a brief work trip and I am exhausted. Not just from having to be “on” for two days (it was a fun time and I got to hang out with colleagues and beautiful watches but keeping the energy up can be tiring), but also from the emotional effort that went into not shopping.

Manhattan offers so many fast fashion favourites from stores they don’t have in Canada. I used to always make it a point to stop in at places like Rainbow or 5 Below for trendy but frugal fashions. But 2023 Rhonda is wrestling with things like the labour exploitation that goes into make cheap and cheerful clothing, plus the damage that overproduction does to the environment. And then there’s the matter of inflation. Can I even afford bargain clothing anymore?

The night before I left, I even made this little wish list of things I wanted to buy. With the exception of the puffy plaid jacket, they were all available at Rainbow or 5 Below. I’m pleased to tell you that I did not buy any of these goods. I wish I could tell you it’s because I’ve developed a strong sense of resolve. The reality is that my flight was delayed so all the shops were closed on the day I arrived and my schedule was mostly too tight to traverse the city in search of these things.

And I still managed to buy too things. I had an unplanned one hour break in my schedule and the midtown Uniqlo was just around the corner. I stopped in for a second in search of a t-shirt (once again I underpacked). I walked out with a Marni collab vest. I still needed a T unless I wanted to fly home in a wrinkled, smelly blouse so I picked up a yellow I Love NY shirt from a souvenir shop.

To add to my emotional turmoil, I can’t stop thinking about the clothes I did not get. I was actually pondering taking the Megabus down for a day just to shop. I need to be locked up like a werewolf on a full moon to stop the shopping.