New Jewels

Catching up on some recent jewelry acquisitions. Up top is a pin from Shayne Fox Hardware. I love all things hand shaped. And I used to work with Shayne at Radical Sheep many, many years ago. So this pin is extra meaningful to me.

I also enjoy a belt every now and then. I found this swirly plastic clamper bracelet at the Value Village last week. It’s missing a silvery bit but that’s okay. Bonus points for being orange.

And last but not least is this hand knotted freshwater Pearl necklace I picked up in Chinatown this afternoon (I was there to buy a bunch of moon rings but that’s another story in itself. I suspect that at a price of $20, these are not the highest quality pearls. But they have a nice iridescenct purply green colour which makes me feel like a fancy lady.