Travelling Pants

Went to NYC for work and stayed two more nights to socialize. With so many stories about lost luggage and the like, I have become obsessed with only traveling with a carry on. Which means bringing only the most versatile pieces. If you think this is going to be a blog post about my packing prowess, you will be sadly let down.

For work obligations I needed semi-formal ensembles for two dinners, plus business casual for day meetings. On the weekend I needed something to wear for a standup set. Add to that PJs and something comfy to wear on the plane and a coat that was both dressy but warm enough for walking around.

For the flight, I picked my vintage souvenir wolf t-shirt dress. This outfit could pull double duty as a nightgown. And for outerwear my thrifted black overcoat. I also decided to bring a black dress, black jeans, black joggers (to layer under dresses), a white blouse, a scarf, a detachable collar, a white dress, and a long cardigan. Mixed and matched this was more than enough for five days.

This is where problem one happened. I forgot to pack the black dress. I had a little free time so I slipped off to Target and found this black and white geometric print number with an assymetric hem. It is from the Future Collective by Kahlana Barfield Brown, it was on sale and got many compliments.

Wardrobe crisis averted! Until the weekend arrived. After two nights in Manhattan, I transferred to Brooklyn. The next problem was that the temperatures dropped precipitously and I had to wear everything I packed just to go outside. Luckily my hotel was located in Thrift Shop central so I was able to procure a cozy corduroy shirt to halo stay warm (I also picked up a fringed souvenir of Puerto Vallarta t-shirt because I always wanted one).

Here is my stand up outfit.

And here is my traveling costume. I wore it without the detachable collar on the way down and with on the way out. Versatility!