Watch Wardrobe Update

I was in Germany last week, visiting the Glashütte Original manufacture and the German Watch Museum. I took my two GOs with me so they could visit the homeland. I fell in love with both pieces all over again!

PS. Heimat is a German expression meaning a sense of place and belonging. There is no direct English translation but it is certainly how my GO Seventies (pictured above) and GDR eta ladies watch (below) felt visiting their birthplace.

I first visited Glashütte about seven years ago. I’ve been back once before but I jumped at a chance to revisit the tiny town. Mostly to explore the watchmaking process and museum, but also to do a little shopping. For example Dresden (where we spent our evenings because Glashütte is too small for a hotel) has excellent stationery stores and I wanted to stock up on fountain pen cartridges. And I was hoping to visit at least one antique shop.

Alas, there were flight shenanigans so my only free time and opportunity to browse was wiped out.

I’m not complaining—the trip was informative and the company was fun. I just like to shop.

On the second day, we found ourselves with a spare half hour in Glashütte while we waited for our ride to take us back to Dresden. I did have a desire to visit the Nomos Glashütte boutique because I wanted to get a replacement strap for my Tetra. Generally it’s not cool to buy another brand’s merchandise while traveling on their dime, but I also couldn’t resist the opportunity. While the group was chilling, I snuck off and got the bracelet. And since I was there anyway, I also bought one of their sundial pendants (which I have wanted since I first saw one, coincidentally worn by someone I met on a GO trip to Berlin).

This slinky, steel bracelet has made me fall in love with this Tetra again!

I feel like I cheated a little, but one of our friends at Glashütte described relations between the local brands as friendly. DNeighbours is how she described. And I won another vintage Glashütte on eBay before I left, so GO is still ahead in my watchbox.