The Blueprint

I was in Kitchener for Mother’s Day. My sister was wearing a very becoming grey t-shirt dress. I had been seeking such a garment for years. Neigh, I purchased many similar styles but had to rehome them because there was always something that was off. Usually the neckline was an unflattering fit. And even though we don’t have similar body types, my sister’s dress looked so good on her that I made her take me to Walmart so I could buy one too.

One reason I wanted a midi-length t-shirt dress is that it’s versatile. My sister was wearing hers with a jean jacket and converse. Today I tried mine on with one of the Marimekko x Ikea robes that I bought l bought last month. I suspect this will become a summertime staple look. I also dressed it up a little with a thrifted silk boucle jacket that I picked up last week. Mostly just to show off the silk boucle jacket that I picked up last week.

Anyway, before I buy anymore garments , I best unpack my summer wardrobe. I have visions of caftans, kimonos, tunics and shirt dresses dancing around in my head.