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More Art, More Etsy

Again, it was a pretty spectacular month for art finds. In fact, there have been so many fine finds that I have decided that I need to pare down and focus the collections.… Continue reading

Bakelite Crib Toy

Plastic power

Tangible Intangibles

My sister Bobbi, has joined the Etsy Community with a new shop called TangibleIntangibles. She lives out in the country, has access to auctions and has accumulated a cool collection of Canadiana and… Continue reading

Auction Action

Make a bid.

Midweek Modness: Sarah Coventry Brutalist Necklace

Sweet seventies goodness

House For Sale

Our house is officially on the market. Click here to see listing.

Moving Pictures

So after much deliberation (about a year’s worth), Mr Andrew and I have committed to selling our house and moving into a condo. Basically, it’s hard to justify this much space for two… Continue reading

Midweek Modness: Kalevala Koru Cross

Last Sunday, Mr. Andrew and I went on an afternoon movie date. We went to our favourite cheap movie house, THe Rainbow Cinema Market Square, which is conveniently located beside the St. Lawrence… Continue reading

Portuguese Cloisonne Bracelet

Spent a good chunk of yesterday working on purging jewelry. I was being ruthless and listed this pretty cloisonne bracelet in my Etsy Shop. It has assay marks for Portugal and 835 silver.… Continue reading

Collections Week: Last of The Mexicans

Pre Columbian Style

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