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Ever Clear

Invisible, not plain

The Purge

Wave goodbye.

De Passill√©- Sylvestre Pendant

French Canadian Cool

Black Friday

Black and Brown

Watch Haul

Time Lord

Estate Sale Haul

Snooping is fun!

Midweek Modness: Isreali Pearl Ring

It’s all gone egg-shaped

A G Thing

Reptile brain

Bangles Galore

I’ve been on a lucite bangle bender lately. Here are some recent acquisitions. Expect to see a lot of fantastic¬†plastic bracelets in the a Gracious Good Etsy shop any day now.  

More Art, More Etsy

Again, it was a pretty spectacular month for art finds. In fact, there have been so many fine finds that I have decided that I need to pare down and focus the collections.… Continue reading

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