A G Thing

imageI’m trying to retrain my magpie eye so that instead of buying every random shint object that sparks my curiosity, I had a shopping list of things I could bring back into the house. At this point, my wardrobe wish list is all checked off. I’ve even Bunz traded a few items (bomber jacket, camel coat) because once I did get them, I wasn’t as in love with them as I thought.

imageI’m now applying this restricted list to stocking my Gracious Good Etsy shop. Instead of grazing for  any available finds, I am on the hunt for certain styles or themes. And because I’m so obsessed with Gucci right now, I am on the lookout for anything and everything that reminds me of the Italian luxury goods house. LIke snakeskin bangles (pictured with my Guess Watch above).

imageAlso, when I was in New York, I went out of my way to see the current collection in the windows of the Gucci boutique. So I’m also on the lookout for any thing with a bee or snake on it. And lavishly embroidered objects. I also found a floral print merino sweater last week, but haven’t a chance to photograph it yet. And I was on the lookout for some fuzzy mules, but on the weekend slip on shoes proved to be my undoing on the weekend. More on that later.