New From New York

imageI was in New York last weekend for Time Crafters — a luxury watch show (more about that later this week).  In between all the horological reveries, I had many adventures, visited friends and bought a few things. Here are some highlights:

Clothes. I had a little bike mishap (inspired by a Pinterst pin, I figured a tight pencil skirt would be the best ensemble to wear to test drive a new bicycle — it is not) the night before a fancy cocktail rexemption. The scrapes and bruises made it impossible to wear the party dresses I have and the timing made it impossible to get my sequinned party pants altered. So I figured I’d go to Uniqlo or Old Navy (both being ridiculously close to my hotel).

I found a pretty pleated maxi skirt at Uniqlo (pictured above) as well as a few on sale pieces from the Lemaire x Uniqlo collection (a hooded poncho that was perfect for the unpredictable weather, a polo, a three-quarter length pullover, and a seersucker trouser and top). And I got a gingham shirt dress in the clearance section of Old Navy — again, because of a Ace and Jig image I have pinned on Pinterest where a similar piece is worn with an indigo dyed duster.

imageHair. I also ran out of time in Toronto to get my hair did. I went to the salon across from my hotel. I knew that my locks were distressed because it was so dry that it was breaking off in clumps. The salon actually refused to dye citing damage. The remedy was to lip off as much as possible. So here’s my new hair cut.

imageJewels. I had a few more missions on the weekend. One was to try and find a pair of saddle shoes. I found some on the Payless US website, but alas I could not find them in the store. I also had a plan to pick up some artist multiples that I saw on the MoMA website (ordering from the shop online is a pain because they use the dreaded UPS which charges ridiculous brokerage fees). I found this Yoko Ono crystal “Key to the Open Forest” pendant. When I took it to the cashier she told me that she bought one too. I said I was going to hang mine from a silk cord. She said she was going to suspend hers from a ribbon. A purple ribbon. So I copied her idea.