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Eat Week: San Fransisco Treats — El Toro, Chez Panisse, In-N-Out Burger

Foods from the streets of San Fransisco.

The Last Jewels I Will Buy For One Month

I am taking a vow of no jewellery.

Predictions: The Next Big Things

The next big accessory things.

St. Patrick’s Day Special: Gold Clover Bracelet/Marni Leftovers

One more, non-green thing for St. Paddy’s: a picture of my dainty gold four leaf clover bracelet (shown here with a 1950s Benrus cocktail watch). Also stoppedinto H&M during my errands today. There… Continue reading

Marni for H&M Haul Part 2: How I Wore It

Still so excited about my Marni for H&M purchases. I’ve already bragged about my individual finds, now I’m going to make you look at how awesome I look in them. Above: The silk… Continue reading

Interview With A Model: Ashley Graham for Addition Elle

Talking about lingerie with model Ashley Graham.

How to Care for Your Vintage Jewellery Part 3: Prevent and Clean Tarnish

How to prevent and clean tarnished silver jewellery.

My Birthday Wishlist

Some things you can get me for my birthday

Downtown Downton Abbey

Examples of Edwardian Jewellery.

Miscellaneous Week: When Smoking Was Cool

Some old timey smoking stuff.

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