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How to Care for Your Vintage Jewellery Part 3: Prevent and Clean Tarnish

How to prevent and clean tarnished silver jewellery.

My Birthday Wishlist

Some things you can get me for my birthday

Downtown Downton Abbey

Examples of Edwardian Jewellery.

Miscellaneous Week: When Smoking Was Cool

Some old timey smoking stuff.

Miscellaneous Week: My Chop

My official seal.

Mid Week Modness: Lea Stein Style Laminate Cuff Bracelet

I’m a fan of the plastic jewellery, but I have only a passing knowledge of Parisienne designer Lea Stein‘s work. It’s not that I haven’t admired her colourful and whimsical designs, but because… Continue reading

Georgian Jewels

I’ve been practising my photography skills. Looking back at past posts, I realize that some jewels didn’t get a good close up when I first wrote about them. So here are their do-overs.… Continue reading

What I Would Wear to the Golden Globes: Erin Fetherston

I bought this Erin Fetherston for Juicy Couture Holiday 2010 dress at Winners. My contract ends this Friday and I should be socking away dough, but still I bought this dress. I just… Continue reading

Year View Mirror: Clothing

My favourite fashion pieces from 2011.

Year View Mirror: Earrings

All week long, I’ll be counting down my favourite finds by category. Today it’s earrings. Number 3… I don’t know why I like these 14k CZ heart eardrops so much. They came in… Continue reading

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