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Art Deco Week: Birks Sterling Rhinestone Lavalier Necklace

Here’s a nice piece, signed Birks Sterling. It is displayed with a Birks box and jewellery bag of the same era that I found in a “free” box on my street.

Lazy Monday: Happy Labour Day!

Here is a picture of a stack of silver bangles. Tomorrow I will get off my lazy ol’ butt, and write up some real posts.

My Summer Vacation: Trailer Times

The second half of summer holidays was to my parent’s trailer outside of Southampton, ON. I went with my sister Bobbi and nieces Madison and Sydney. It was overcast the first day, so… Continue reading

My Summer Vacation: Escape To New York Part 1

As previously mentioned, I was on vacation last week. For the first part of the week I was in New York City with my niece Sarah. Here are some of my holiday snaps.… Continue reading

Mining For Gold

Once I met a guy who went from yard sale to yard sale looking for gold and silver. He said he was a goldsmith, and that buying old jewellery to melt down was… Continue reading

Stormy Weather Jewellery

Another Trinity Bellwoods find: This time it’s a copper bracelet with a stylized lightning bolt emerging from a cloud. It reminds me of the Bell Trading Post jewellery from the 1960s. This is… Continue reading

In Bloom

For some strange reason, all of the flowers in my garden are blooming at the same time. It looks very nice.

No More Cabs For Cutie

The picture above is of some fake NYC cabs used in a filmed televisual program they were shooting across the street from the office I’ve been working at for the last eight months.… Continue reading

Find of the Month: Soviet Era Earrings

My own, self-imposed thrift club rule is that no Find of the Month can cost more that $36. It also has to be pretty awesome. The earings, stamped with soviet-era Russian Assay marks… Continue reading

50 + Years of Fragrances: Promotion

One of the coolest things about Fritsch Fragrance is that at one time it was probably the most mod store in all of Kitchener Waterloo. When you peek in the window, you can… Continue reading

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