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Thrift Find: 1940s Unused Photo Album

I’ve got an old photo album an I don;t know what to do with it.

Sidewalk Find: A Jade Plant

I saved a houseplant.

1874 RBM Atrice Locket

I love lockets.

Mirror in the Bathroom: Return of Mirror in the Bathroom

What I wore to work last week.

Hardcore Anti-Perspirant

Fighting the summer sweats with Drysol.

Why Am I Thinking So Much About Duran Duran?

I can’t say that I was ever a big Duran Duran follower. I’ve owned exactly two Duran Duran singles — a 12″ of “Girls on Film” and this four song sampler that included… Continue reading

A Good Old Fashioned Hunting Trip Pt. 2 — St. John’s and Lillian’s

Taking down the big game on a thrift Safari.

Before Joe Fresh…

Loblaws was in fashion before Joe Fresh came along

Midweek Modness: Classic Canadian Necklaces

Vidal, Larin, de Passilee-Sylvestre and Rafael: Monsters of Canadian Modernism.

Terms of Endearment: Engraved Watch Cases

Rambling on about engraved watches.

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