Men’s Corner with Mr. Andrew: Nomad

AK and I stopped by the opening of the second location of Nomad in the old Commute space on Queen West Friday night. Lots of ultra hip menswear labels like Wings + Horns… Continue reading

Do Over: Copper and Brass Studio Necklace

These Do Overs are not very complicated. That’s the whole idea: it’s easy to take something broken and make it new again. In this case I found a very cool studio choker. It… Continue reading

Marc by Marc Jacobs Snake Bracelet

We interrupt my endless gabbing about my jewellery to focus on our friend Lois from Hello Girlthursday‘s amazing Marc by Marc Jacobs snake bracelet find. It’s soooo good. I thought it was a… Continue reading

Midweek Modness: David-Andersen Norway Saga Viking Ring

This ring, by Norwegian silversmiths David-Andersen, is a 1960s or 70s copy of an authentic Viking design. Part of the Saga series, the company copied jewels made around 300 A.D. and found in… Continue reading

Incoming: City of Craft

I’ve been waiting all year for City of Craft! Hand made jewelry, clothings, decorative objets and cool art. Plus check out my good friend Holly‘s awesome terrariums (as shown in the November Covet… Continue reading

Something Old: Georgian Miniature Painting

Here is my newest oldest bijou. It is a tiny water colour of a dove painted on Ivory which dates to the late 1700s, early 1800s. In the days before photography, folks would… Continue reading

Biltmore Beaver Fur Ushanka Hat

It is freaking cold outside. Thank goodness for my vintage Biltmore beaver fur ear flap hat. Technically, this style is called a Ushanka (that’s Russian for Ear Hat). So it’s a Russian style,… Continue reading

Five Golden Rings

All the pre-holiday crazy times means that the blogging will be slowing down until the end of the year. The goal is to post at least one picture of something pretty everyday, so… Continue reading

Sketchtorialist: Girl With Cape and Piccolo

I saw this girl walking down Queen Street. She was super stylish in her cape, tweedy wide-legged pants and clogs. But the the fact that she was carrying her piccolo just pushed the… Continue reading

Scarf Magic: Le Must de Cartier Silk Scarf

Went to see the Maharajah show at the AGO on the weekend. It was pretty awesome and some of the miniature paintings have totally inspired me to do some more art. I was… Continue reading

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