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Do Over: Velvety Vendôme Watch

Like a watch face on a velvet strap.

Beauty in the Ruins: Dirty Old Watches

A mini collection of messed up watches

Chocolate Reign: Brown Watch Dials

I predict that chocolate brown dialled watches will be all the rage!

Rectangular Watches

A small collection of rectangular watches.

Midweek Modness: Mannish Watches

I’ve switched out the straps on a few of my favourite watches so that they look a little more butch, as per the women wearing men’s watches trend (note: this trend is not… Continue reading

My Favourite Things: Omega Deville Watch

It’s disingenuous to say that this Omega Deville is my most beloved watch because I am fickle and usually my favourite is my newest watch. But this one is pretty special because it… Continue reading

Brutalist Vendome 17J Watch

I got this watch in same fantastic eBay box lot as the Rafael necklace. Most of the costume jewellry companies ventured into the fashion watch business at some time or another, but in… Continue reading

Box Sets

I am trying to cut back on the watch acquisitions. I’m going to focus on repairing the ones that stopped running (my Gruen Bumper Automatic and my diving watch). Instead, I’m getting my… Continue reading

I May Have A Small Watch Addiction

Sorry if I’ve been a lazy blogger. I’ve been working on some well-researched and thoughtful posts, but mostly its been too hot to concentrate on much more than work I am paid to… Continue reading

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