Stuff I Did: Manitobah Mukluks Pow Wow

Last Wednesday, I was invited to an event for Manitobah Mukluks at the Bata Shoe Museum. Manitobah Mukluks was founded by Métis brother and sister Sean and Heather McCormick. There’s a lot of interest in the First Nations “looks” right now, there’s understandably a lot of outrage from Native American groups about manufacturers profiting from their heritage. As Sean McCormick said at the event, Manitobah Mukluks wants to share Aboriginal culture with the world at large but by honouring the traditions of the people and by employing First Nations craftspeople.

The Pow Wow was hosted by former Olympian Waneek Horn-Miller (pictured above with dancer Christina Bomberry). The event was definitely aimed at the hipster fashion blogger set. Much Music VJ Jesse Giddings was there, as was model Stacey McKenzie. Giddings is wearing the boots that I want most. And I really want a pair — I’ve got a thing for mocassins, mukluks and Aboriginal footwear in general. They are just so comfy for my duckfeet (my grandmother always said they were perfect for running across the Labrador snow without sinking in). But since I live in Toronto, the Vibram soles are better suited for the city sidewalks.