Film Fest Fashions

Green Old Navy Pants

What have been wearing to the Toronto International Film Festival fêtes? This is a question that no one has asked, but I will tell you anyway. Since any party I’m attending is as a reporter, I aim to fit in without becoming part of the story myself. Like a guest at a wedding, you need to be dressed up without distracting from the bride. So for daytime events, I’ve been sporting fancy pants and basic black tops and sensible shoes. For night-time events, my taffeta skirt from Joe Fresh has been getting a lot of action. For the Armani party I paired it with this grid-patterned crochet Style & Co. pullover that I got on super sale at the Bay. It’s a simple silhouette that’s easy to pimp — just add an extreme evening bag like my metallic silver Thierry Mugler clutch and you’re in like Flynn.

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