Fall Haul

blog drake sockaThe Drake General store had a Buy The Pound sale last week. I went to stock up on my favourite socks. I mean to wear this colourful hosiery with sandals until the snow falls.

While I was there, I also checked a few items off my Pinterest Fall/Winter 2016 wishlist: a green sweatshirt (no orange ones) and a slouchy turtleneck sweater (which I am told is this season’s must-have).

And since they rounded up the cost to the nearest pound, I threw in some things I truly don’t need — more watches (a Breda) and more kerchiefs (merch from the Field Trip festival). The watch has garnered a lot of complements though.

The last couple of weeks of summer are always pretty action-packed. Workwise, people are coming back from vacations and frantically trying to catch up. And the social life has been more active than usual as friends start coming back from the cottage. Which means that I haven’t had much time to hit the secondhand. Still, I managed to find the last three items on my wardrobe grail list. I’ve been looking to score a thrifted embroidered huipil for years, a Jaeger brocade jacket since Coachella (a lie, I’ve found a few, but they never quite worked like this one) and a buffalo plaid shirt since I went to see Kanye West last Tuesday.

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And once again, I also got something I really did not require — a Des Petits Hauts peplum blouse. I have plenty of polka-dotted tops. No more, I swear.

So the point of these posts about purchases is to help me catalog what I have so I stop buying clothes. I really have found all the clothes on my wish list. There is nothing else. I have reached wardrobe Valhalla. Except for a pair of saddle shoes. Or two tone oxfords. And maybe a puffy coat.