Travel Tips

beaver canoe

I travel a lot but I’m still fine=tuning my packing routine. But here are a few things I’ve learned: A hoodie with a kangaroo pouch is the most essential travel outfit you can find. This is my Beaver Canow hooded sweatshirt in green — an item that I’ve longed for since I was working in a meat=packing plant as my high school summer job. It’s perfect for my wanderings because it’s comfy, the pouch easily holds your travel documents and when you want to sleep, you can just hood up.

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Clothes you can layer are also good choices. Here I am in Switzerland wearing a sparkly but stretchy skirt. Here it is layered with a pair of Adidas Originals XBY) by Satomi Nakamura pants, a sheer blouse and tank top and some two tone Clarks oxfords. I can wear the pants alone, I can wear the skirt with the tank top for cocktail hour. I can wear ’em all at once to make room in my luggage.


I also thought having a  backpack could also perform double duty as a purse. I’ve spent the last year trying out all sorts of rucksacks, finally arriving at this thrifted, black leather Bugatti, trying to convince myself that the hands-free convenience of a knapsack would be the solution to all my problems. In truth, it solves some but raises others, such as slipping off my narrow shoulders and having to fumble around for hours attempting to retrieve anything from it’s inky black depths. Good for navigating airports, sucks on public transit. The hunt for the ideal travel tote is still ongoing.