Gold Digger

blog gold rungI bought a gold testing kit from I finally found some time to try it out this week. First off, this teeny baby ring, which was marked 10K. And it tests as 10K. Score!

blog gold torcNext up, a torc bracelet marked 10 CT. I had my doubts about this one because it smelled a little brassy. I tested it. Not gold. Hooray for my my instincts being right, but still disappointed because who doesn’t secretly want to be wrong when it comes to suspect gold.

blog vv findsFinally, I found this brushed-finish bangle at the Value Village. I just liked its minimalist look and it was only $4. I noticed that it was signed (though I couldn’t make the mark out). Because it was heavy and felt warm on my skin, I decided to test it (plus after nearly going blind trying to decode the stamp I convinced myself that one of the markings read 10K). Guess what? It tested 10k. I may get a pro to double check, but right now this could be my best gold strike ever (sort of, a 9k watch chain I found in 2011 weighed less but was worth more because the gold price was so much higher then).

A note: I also picked up the bubble ring pictured above at the same time. It is marked 925 but it feels too light. Guess I should buy a silver testing kit next.