Street Style Inspo

blog stalker 1

When I see people whose style I admire, I sometimes take snaps of them as notes to inform upcoming clothing purchases or ideas of ways to update or reconfigure my existing wardrobe. For example, I have all of the elements of the blurry lady above except for her Goyard tote and super straw visor. My niece’s mother-in-law has one. Her son brought it back from Korea. I want/need one. It would be nice to have a Goyard tote too.

blog stalker 2

I also went to NYC last week  to attend the Patek Philippe The Art of Watches Grand Exhibition. I took the mega bus down. This wonderful woman was on the bus. I’ve got Saltwaters and wide-legged grey trousers and now I just need to invest in more leopard and orange and graphic cropped sweaters.

blog stalker 5Love both of these ensembles. I can totally recreate the look on the left with my Complex Geometries jacket, a mock neck sleeveless top and my wide-legged jersey pants from Uniqlo. And for the look on the right, one of my Saint James Breton stripes pull overs and my Adidas XbyO track top and stalker 4

I love this little touch of tulle along the hem here. I have a dress with basically the same silhouette — I will now be on the lookout for a net petticoat!

blog stalker 6These three ladies in the middle made me happy. The woman on the left had a cool, off-centered bun (a sort of side-nape) thing happening, plus I love her loosey blazer. They had a similar one at Uniqlo on sale for nine bucks which I now regret not buying. The orangey-poppy coloured pants in the centre inspires me. And the floral skirt on the right reminded me that I have a similar, summery jupe in my closet that I should be stalker 3Play by Comme des Garçon Converse? Yes please! I tried to go to the Rei Kawakubo retrospective at the Met on Friday, but they won’t let you bring luggage into the Museum and they won’t check large bags either. I will try and get back before the show is over.

blog stalker 7And finally, I have a bunch of tshirt dresses that I wear as tunic tops. Dare I wear them as mini dresses? I will have to try.