Kitchener Thrift Shop Part Two

blog KW part 2 2

A note: I interviewed Ines de le Fressange once. One piece of advice she gave was to wear clothes that were just a little tight. It sounds crazy but it works for me. Billowy tops are just too tent like, shapeless and just not that flattering. And snugness is soothing.

Which brings me to  the fashion finds I got during my last visit to Kitchener-Waterloo. Pictured above: a pair of grey trousers and a form-fitting old school raglan sleeved sweatshirt. Maybe I will do another embroidery on it. Maybe the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers logo.


I also picked up a pair of grey trousers. My friend Angela posted this throwback picture of us in the eighties on Facebook. Apparently I’ve been doing the baggy grey pantaloons thing for a long time.

blog KW part 2 5

My stripes obsession is not under control. I spotted this neon Adidas zip front jacket in the cart of a 14-year-old girl. I actually followed her around the store hoping that her mother would not allow her to buy it. My doggedness paid off.

blog KW part 2 1

And finally I got these cotton PJ bottoms for five bucks at Len’s Mill Store. They were wide legged and billowy when I bought them and then they shrunk significantly when I washed them. They were much more lazy-comfy when I bought them, but look better in their smaller size.