Fellow Travelers

imageI’m on the road again this week, and here are some helpful travelling companions that I picked up when I was in St. John’s the week before last.

First off is the vintage Adwil wind up watch that I got at the Value Village on an excursion with my Aunt Doreen. It’s a kid’s watch designed to teach time telling, but I used it to help me keep track of the the local time in Toronto.


While I love my Red Flag Design Weekender for recreational trips, I’ve been thinking that a hard shell, cabin-sized Rollie would be more practical for business travel (because bags get heavy when one accumulates press kits whilst working) While researching luggage makers like Tumi, Rimowa and Away, I came across recommendations for a venerable British company called Antler. Their bags were half the price of the German brands, so I immediately sought out their Juno Cabin Bag (it’s expandable to accommodate all those press materials) but could not find a local retailer and while the company ships to Canada, shipping and customs just cost too much.

Imagine my delight when I spotted one at the St. John’s airport. And on sale to boot.