5F6AAAE6-0719-41F8-8C6B-2E6D421993A0I am in Copenhagen right now, visiting the in laws in between work trips. And no trip to Denmark would be complete without a visit to their dollar stores!

Flying Tiger Copenhagen is one of my favourites so of course I had to visit not one, not two but three locations (each store is slightly different). Because i’m travelling light I had to restrain myself from buying things like rugs and blankets and planters shaped like hands. Because I accidentally forgot my scarf and gloves in Sweden (and it was freakishly cold in Copenhagen when I arrived), I focussed on replacing the necessities.

But I could not resist these skull hair ties because skulls. And, because I forgot my iPad in Toronto and typing on the iPhone is hard, I also bought a wireless keyboard. Oh, and some whimsical socks.

I am grateful to the Kineses for indulging my obsession with Danish Dollar stores. They even introduced me to a new (to me) one called Søstrene Greenes Handelskompagnie.

94B72A93-DE1F-44D1-B434-C3AA87AE5D7DIt’s less whimsical that Flying Tiger  but it still has so many cool things. I ended up getting a random selection of small objects (a bath scrub because hotels here don’t have wash cloths, a headband because I also forgot my beloved Anthropologie wrap in Sweden, glue stick and a spoon for Mr. Andrew (see top photo).

But oh the things I would have bought. I love the Scandinavia colour palettes: minty green, soft sky blue, faded terra cotta. Fortunately the fear of dragging around heavy luggage keeps me from going crazy with the purchases.