Emotional Shopping

DDF26E74-1558-4C42-9B70-EAA52C35C9BA.jpegWe already know I have a shopping problem. And that I can easily project many meanings on objects to justify why I have to acquire them. For example, there is a stationery store called Valhalla in our old neighbourhood. Not only was it our go-to place for buying cards and gift wrap, they used to hold Harry Potter book release parties where we would go and buy the most recent J.K. Rowling editions for our nieces and nephews.

Sadly, like most things in the old ‘hood, Valhalla is closing down. I felt I had to buy something both as a souvenir of the good times but also to help out financially in any way I could.

0733B2B5-787C-47CE-B3E2-352FF6371910The things I bought also reflect my need to assign relevance to everything that I buy. I love all things Polar Bear so I got this felted Christmas ornament (it was also 70 percent off so it also fits into my live of bragging about a bargain). To me, it also works as sculpture.

And I also got this “Cat Came Back” pin because I heart NFB animation. And cats. And pins.