Buy Bye Berlin

7FA3BB50-C335-4E8A-9D5E-CD35A7D6BEC4So I packed superlight for my three days in Berlin, but it became obvious early on that the only reason that I could fit all my clothes into a back pack was because I didn’t pack enough clothes. So I hit the sale section of the Uniqlo conveniently located across the street from my hotel.

Here’s what I got: 1. A KAWS x Peanuts x Uniqlo hoodie (I didn’t need this but it I can’t resist KAWS or Snoopy).

2. For going out for dinners, I bought this pale blue wrap too and a pale pink pullover.

DB80A752-E58D-45E1-AD63-CD3D65A52340I’m kind of a slob and got peanut butter all over my plane pants. So I got some workout pants. And for extra travel comfort I also got a tank top with a built in bra. But I couldn’t abide wearing workout clothes in public, so I also got  this sheer white dress, which I had frankly been eyeing for about six months. That it was still available seemed like a sign.

And I mentioned in the previous post, I didn’t pack enough socks or shoes. So I bought these polka dot Happy Socks from the hotel tuck shop and these Uniqlo U faux Tevas to pick up the slack. And to help carry extra baggage home, I also bought a Eames x Uniqlo foldable tote. I’ve packed it all. It fits. Homeward bound now!