Me and the Mrs. Huizenga

1872CAE7-5AF5-4FA6-9E54-6039B270970BIt’s Labour Day so I’m gonna be lazy and just post pictures of weekend acquisitions. One of my favourite shops, Mrs. Huizenga, just bought up a bunch of things from a collector and I saw on Instagram that there were many watches in the new inventory. I had an appointment in the neighbourhood on Friday so I thought I’d drop by. I could have bought millions of things but I had to limit myself because money. But I had to buy this handsome Art Deco Watch by Lady May. One one hand, the case had a bit of wear on the back and is missing its crown. But it was irresistible because it is quite a big watch for that era and the despite the shabby case, the dial is minty fresh.

3B3F78C5-513F-40B1-93E1-53E8BAD7F228.jpegI also go get this 1950s Timex Marlin. It is the opposite of the Lady May in that the case is immaculate but the dial is  tropical AF. I had to restitch the leather strap (a first for me). An despite its shabby face, it is keeping good time.

PS, Timex recently re-released the mechanical Marlin in a collaboration with designer Todd Snyder and I have been thinking about buying one of these retro beauties for a while now.

9440F627-3A66-45D7-B702-88606954F3F6.jpegAnd I got this amazing red plastic hand pin!

DFB3DB4F-44CA-4182-9902-B03417B552BC.jpegAnd because I am on an animal print tear, I also got a 2nd-hand Phillip Lim 3.1 x Target dress. It is form fitting, but the ruching is very forgiving.