Fur Coat Rhonda

Prepping for the big chill

I have a feeling that it’s going to be a long, cold winter. We’ve already had some miserable, sub-zero days this month. As a self-professed “never cold” you’d think this would be welcome news. The problem is that my current winter coat situation is mostly comprised of poly-filled puffer coats that do not breathe (or wool coats that get soaking wet in the rain).

I also lack a proper pair of winter boots. My seal skin boots keep my feet warm and dry but are incredibly heavy to walk around in. The rest of my footwear isn’t designed for winter in Southern Ontario. While I have made many wish lists, what I really need is winter boots (and some new bras, but that’s a post for another day).

I am also a broke person. So I’ve been trying to find a gently used pair of Sorels on Poshmark or the Value Village. I was also hoping that the winter weather would hold off until January when I could take advantage of seasonal sales and get a pair oc Manitobah Mukluks.

Tonight at the VV I got lucky and found this pair of lined, knee-high leather boots. Mr. Andrew calls this colour Cougar Boot Tan. They do need to new insoles. And they are not quite all purpose boot I was trying to manifest (that would be black). I could not say no to them, however, because the height was something I’ve always aspired to but my sturdy legs usually mean that I can’t get them tall boots past mid-calf.

Speaking of manifesting, sometimes you unintentionally put things out into the universe, like when you are having an normal conversation and Siri suddenly activates and starts playing some random song.

On the weekend I was complaining about my sweaty jacket syndrome and how the only time I had outerwear that kept my warm and dry was when I had a sheared beaver coat. I reminisced about aloud and at length: how because it was not composed of manmade materials, it could breathe, even when I switched from out of doors to indoor malls, I would not overheat. I’ve had other furs (my grandmother’s Persian lamb and a thrifted mink that I had restyled), but they lacked the beaver’s water resistance and plushness. I loved that coat so much but, alas, I gained a few kilograms and couldn’t fit into it anymore.

So while I was looking for boots, I was happy to discover this super cozy vintage stroller for just $19! It fits me! It’s in excellent condition given that it’s probably over 50 years old — one of the button loops is broken and the elastic in the cuffs of the lining is over stretched. The most delightful thing is that the label reads “Kotsky Furs” which was a business from my hometown of Kitchener. I believe it closed down in the 1970s when they tore down a block of King Street to build Eatons and the old new City Hall. I also found a news story that said that the business once occupied the space where Pesche’s shoe boutique was until 2016 (I keep a shoebox from that store for sentimental reasons).

Obviously this was before my time, but I can imagine someone like the lady on the far left in this photo staying warm in my fur. I promise to take good care of it so it will last at least another 50 winters.