Black and White Buys

23D56C99-7C9C-44C2-865E-EC4737937904I need more exercise and going out on treasure hunts has always been a good carrot for getting me out of the house. And since I’ve just finished up a bunch of big deadlines, I thought I’d hit a few thrift shops and such. Here’s what I got….

First the polka dot beret is from Dollarama. Berets are my kind of hat. Also pictured here is an Iroquois Husk Face Mask that I found at the Value Village at Victoria Park and Eglinton.

545AAC0F-6D2C-488E-A1CE-379FF056F771And check out these Wally Dogs. They are not marked so I don’t know if they are Staffordshire originals or Japanese reproductions. 

83CF6511-186D-4E52-AACC-9595FCFF85D2Back to the Dollarama: I also got this windup Darth Vader (only to discover that it didn’t work when I got it home.