2018 Year View Mirror: New Watches

58E9B6D5-19CE-4084-BD5E-E929E5F76BE9I’m a vintage girl at heart and I love the thrill of hunting for retro watches. But I had been pining for a Nomos Glashütte timepiece for some time now. Especially after I went to Berlin and Glashütte to visit Nomos’ Design Studio and Manufacture. The problem was that it took me a while to figure out exactly which watch I wanted. I finally decided on the Tetra Petit Four edition (a four-piece collection that debuted at Baselworld in March).

D6CB2BEF-FBDA-43C4-AE8E-D8C9DEDFC043I hadn’t planned on any other new watch purchases this year, but when Swatch launched their Damien Hirst x Mickey Mouse watch in November I was sorely tempted. still I managed to resist until my friend Katya came over with hers and let me try it on. Pictures that I’d seen of it online didn’t do justice to its mirror finish dial at all!

So yesterday I went and bought one. Now I can say I own a Damien Hirst, so it’s sort of like buying art and a Mickey Mouse watch at the same time.06D0510B-BEAF-47F9-9945-8F86801FEA6A