I Miss You


32912595-daad-43e8-bbcf-48e05adec634A glitch in my photo library revealed thousands of pictures I’ve taken over the years. I’ve been documenting my wardrobe for ages so it was fun to see some pieces that I no longer have.

63935298-2926-4e0e-b4f3-e573196f2058I have no regrets when it comes to purging — I bought them because they were fun or interesting and I got rid of them because they didn’t fit anymore (like the pink and green tweed coat pictured above) or were made of a material that didn’t quite breathe (like the Alfred Sung Star sweater pictured up top).

And there are pieces that I simply wore out, like this vintage skirt and long cardigan. Knits can be hard to maintain.


thers, like this  Cèline sweater and Marimekko shirt dress, we’re a bad fit because red just isn’t my colour, no matter how badly I want it to be.

548fb3fa-5a3e-4334-b268-1645ee5622f9And then there are things that the moths destroyed, like this long Pendleton skirt. I was so mad!

One day, when I’m a millionaire, I will find someone to remake these garments for me (but in the right size, colour and fabric, of course). In the meantime I can revisit them here.