I’ll Take Manhattan

BAD660E5-2325-4B08-85BB-515FF1065064I was in New York for a day on Tuesday. I had a wee bit of time to walk around and take in the sights and sounds of the city. It was a beautiful day to be out and about. One of the things I love about Manhattan is that I always discover new things every time I visit.

I was travelling light so I wasn’t planning to purchase anything. This trip I found a new dollar store called Five Below (where everything is priced $5 and under). I could have gone crazy. They had hammocks and T-shirts and all kinds of other things that I didn’t buy, including this kitty kat shirt. I did get a pair of plastic yellow sandals

0C0FCEE4-ECE5-4694-BE2B-8F8B3A5899C1I also stopped by the Topshop closing down sale. I wanted to buy this electric blue feathered jacket. But elegance is restraint, they say. I did purchase a pair of polka dotted pleated pants as a souvenir,

5C811D59-95C1-40B5-9583-B2C667544163I also finally visited the Hudson Yards on my way to the bus depot. I ended up in the Uniqlo and found this grey linen top for $10.

06E72352-5D1C-43FF-A9A1-26C34C37D014And here’s a thing I wanted to buy — a mini Jeff Koons-type balloon animal —  but couldn’t because the vending machine was busted.