A5F5A346-17F7-4168-99B0-6144B9F31822I got a few new watches and a few new pens recently. The story behind watch number one is that I went to a dinner with Kikuo Ibe, the designer of the Casio G-Shock. I’ve written about the evening for Watchonista, but one detail I didn’t share is that the attendees all got a G-Shock signed by Mr. Ibe himself.

87E40DEB-A1A8-455A-A781-D6466BDEE9B8It was an incredible honour to talk to Mr. Ibe and Shigenori Itoh, the Casio executive who helped steer and spearhead the G-Shock. I was totally fan girling. My conundrum is this: I want to wear the watch, but because it is autographed, if I do I devalue it. For the time being I’m keeping it its box.

521B7896-A04B-45C4-8ABD-A2964195FEC6On top of the watch, Casio Canada also gifted us with a pen/tablet stylus.

73E4F1F9-1194-4BE1-8A55-8059B598F86BAnd when I was in New York, I also got an Omega branded Space Pen. And though, nobody gave me an Omega watch, I did get this lovely Timex mechanical Marlin automatic timepiece.