The Collector

A5446357-FDFA-40E0-B6F3-D84A0B28E1E3Last week Banksy opened up an online shop called Gross Domestic Product. As he posted on Instagram, the shop was created to sell “art, housewares, and disappointment.”

The graffiti artist claimed that he was forced to release branded merchandise because an unnamed greeting-card company was trying to “seize legal custody” of his name.

6170A68D-3E2C-4D78-8524-2B3520046AEDSo I had to seize the moment and see what was available. On the plus side, some of the limited edition pieces start at about £10, which is about my budget. I went to the site and set my sights on one of these mugs. Each has been hand decorated by a child and signed by Banksy.

618CE13F-345E-400F-A137-1C0061E88898So the store has been set up to allow art to be accessible, but it’s also designed to keep collectors from hogging all the art. Here’s how it works: you go to the site to register your  interest (before october 28, 2019). Buyers are allowed to pick one item only. And the. You must be vetted by answering this question: “Why  does art matter?” A  judge will then examine your response and will choose from the “most apt and original” applications.

BE0243A1-6291-43BB-8C6D-BED12B3952C0I am still being vetted, and will keep you posted.