09B77587-3BD7-41A3-B1BF-208F4B3D592CWent to the CAFTCAD sale on Saturday. It was a little smaller than in past years but also a little better curated.

007A0E71-3F6D-4FB5-A729-A798CEBC9423I went with my friends Lynda and Becky who both scored some amazing items. Pro tip: I like to shop people with great taste because they have an innate ability to find strong pieces. Then you just have to follow them around and see what they like and hope that they put it back on the rack because it wasn’t their size but it fits you perfectly.

E98C0EAC-C2E9-4306-AFEB-74C3E59541C6I, personally, didn’t find any absolute steals. But I did find two things that were on my wish list: a Vintage Mary Maxim curling sweater (with a musical motif to reflect my roots as a band geek) and a Gucci monogram bracelet (I used to find them all the time so I would sell them all the time and then I missed having one).