I Love Bazaar

AC41DD72-A595-4DDD-B3AE-3575BC490165I wanted to give myself some props for only buying one thing in the last two weeks of November. It was a no name, oversized hoodie that I bought in Chinatown two weekends ago because I was cold and underdressed. It sure came in handy yesterday when it was windy and all freezing rain and all.

I went to the local church bazaar on December 1st. I have found some interesting things there over the years—Old Ken dolls, a 10k gold ring, some tasty baked goods—and I’m still chasing the dragon of those discoveries.

ED039AA5-7AE9-4366-8BD6-67FBD31C98C8For this year’s Christmas Bazaar, I counted up my loose change and braved the ice storm. I got a resin pendant that reminded me of Martha Sturdy’s jewelry for $1 and a mixed assortment of baked goods for $5. They were delicious!

FBE0F006-CAF0-45F0-99A3-09F3234CD665I also want to pay myself on the back for avoiding a whole week’s worth of Black Friday sales. And I hope I can stay strong through cyber Monday.