DE965CB6-252D-44EB-A486-BB1A1E03EEC0I did do a little shopping during my week in Manhattan. Again, I use a wardrobe malfunction to rationalize my spending. Because I’m still using a cane, I was trying to pack light so I wouldn’t have to juggle a lot of luggage so I only brought one pair of pants and one skirt plus various tops to dress them up and down. Then, on my first night in town I spilled yogurt all over the pants. There is probably nothing more unseemly that black trousers covered in creamy white stains.

So I limped over to the nearby Uniqlo to see if they had some replacement slacks on sale. Turns out they had a bunch of Marimekko x Uniqlo Winter collaborations on sale for under $10. I wanted to invest in this collection so badly when it came out but the pieces I wanted most were sold out in my size.

A0F4B989-109D-4D49-8849-0D79B8B6FEA8But here, in the Herald Square Uniqlo, were a pair of wide legged XXL knit pants for $7.99. And a printed fringed shawl that I don’t remember even seeing in Canada for $5.99. And then I got a cute, non Marimekko sweater because the weather was beautiful and too warm for the cardigan that I brought.

DD18D51C-FABA-4A3B-92D5-672E3B1F6C08Yesterday, aka Day 1 of self-isolation, I started spring cleaning by doing my one-in-two-out policy, I also did a closet purge. Another benefit of being a shut in during my knee surgery recovery is that I was better able to rationalize which clothes I wear all the time and things that make me feel kind of uncomfortable every time I wear them (you know, things that you are always tugging at or are awkwardly riding up or rolling down). A shoe cull will undoubtedly follow.