Momento Mori

EC7F7680-06EA-483A-B53A-A3739C8C9B59Momento Mori means “Remember, thou art mortal“ in Latin but it is a mediation that we are all going to die. 

In art and design, this idea is often symbolized by a skull or skeleton. During the plague years, Europeans often wore rings with these motifs as a reminder that death comes for all, it doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor. Others took these bones to mean that life is short, so we should embrace it fully. In my mind, skulls and skeletons represent both. Death is the great equalizer, so we should treat everyone with respect while we are here and we should also try and appreciate the earth while we are on it.

DCEDD6A1-9A9E-4E1E-B5FB-38A4BF94673CAlso, I’m a little bit gothy so things other people find creepy, I find delightful. Like this vintage skull and crossbones belt. So of course I try to incorporate as many skulls and skeletons into my everyday life. Pictured here are some recent dollar store finds that I have added to my collections. Because now is the time to stock up on such treasures.

ABA2FB82-324D-4478-A632-A79714E29B16You don’t have to buy things at dollar stores or add to the proliferation of junk to our trash heaps like I do. But I encourage all to ponder mortality in these turbulent times. Life goes on (whether we are here or not) and we need to take care of the planet for the humans who will carry on after us.

A side thought: I don’t really believe in ghosts per se, but I do wish they were real. I would like to see one, obviously. And I would like the spirits of all the people who have died from COVID-19 to haunt the hell out of the anti-maskers and deniers. I am entertained by the thought of Ruth Bader Ginsburg going full poltergeist on Mitch McConnell.