Band Together


COVID-19 hair is a real issue. There’s the actual need to cut back on things that aren’t essential in order to reduce the spread of the Corona virus (aka stay home). And then there’s the actual discomfort of going out for a hair cut and colour. Travelling any distance by transit feels wrong. Wearing a mask for extended periods of time leaves me with rashes. But we all have to make sacrifices so that we can end this sooner than later, so I’m scaling back on hair appointments.

In our household, we’re also using this pause to reassess our environmental impact. This affects my hair because I am shampooing less and using less product in order to cut down on water waste and single use packaging.

Even though we don’t go out as much, we still have zoom calls. I do like people on the other end of these intersections to think that I’ve made an effort to be presentable, even if I’m not so concerned if they can see my grey roots. So hair accessories have become more important in my daily life. And right now I’m living for padded headbands.

First off, I hate it when hair touches my face. Head bands solve that problem. If you wear them low enough they also hide your roots. Padded head bands also add a little height, which is fun when your tresses are flat. They are like a little tiara.

I spent a few restless nights looking for these headpieces online but they were too expensive once you added in shipping. And then I tried to make my own, but it was a fail (I’d say half of my DIY projects are unsuccessfull).

Then I found these at the Dollarama. I bought them in every shade that they had. I might buy more because dollar store stuff is prone to breakage (which kind of defeats the purpose of buying accessories in order to cut down on styling products).

I like them because I like them, okay.