La Garçonne


Time to focus on the Gracious Good Etsy shop this week. I’ve added a lot of men’s clothing and accessories because for some reason I’ve collected a lot of them over the years. When I first started wearing vintage in high school, I mostly raided my dad’s closet — probably because my mom was so wee that I haven’t been able to fit into her clothes since I was six.

My favourite dad clothes were his 1960s-era weekend outfits: cardigans, flat front trousers, tartan jackets and wool shirts, crew neck pullovers and Clark’s. I’ve always got my eye out for examples of classic outfitters like Pendleton, Woolrich, Burberry and Levi Strauss.

Nostalgia has compelled me to keep these things, even if I never wear them. But now it’s time to set my boy clothes free because I have plenty other things that I’m sentimental about.

PS. I got Mr. Andrew to model them for me which also satisfies a secret desire to dress him up in my clothes. I think he looks very handsome.