Travel Blog

I went on a short business trip to New York and Connecticut this week. Here are some souvenirs, starting with this cool rock and quarter that I found in a box.

Of course I tried on some watches, including this magnificent Parmigiani Fleurier Tonda PF. I saw many amazing PF timepieces but my photography did not do them justice.

Also dropped by the Watchonista office and borrowed the boss’ Oris.

Stole some stationery and soap from the hotel. We were beginning to run low on purloined supplies.

Visited a Goodwill in Stamford, Connecticut. Did not buy anything.

Spent all my money on chocolate. It was my number one goal to stock up on Frango, Gummy Choco Muscat and Raisinets. The Reese’s cereal box doubles as a synthesizer and I bought it for Mr. Andrew, who i love and am very homesick for. Candy is not enough of a tribute to show the amount of gratitude I have for having him in my life.