I Had A Dream

Every now and then wardrobe inspiration comes to me in a vision. For example, over the weekend I dreamed that a pair of grey pants would tie my wardrobe together in a way that would result in never having to buy any more garments for the rest of my life.

Once such an idea gets fixed in my subconscious I can’t stop thinking about it. I spent way too much time online search for said trousers. I once had such a pair of perfect grey pants. They were from Uniqlo and they had the most appealing cut. I tore them on a chair that had a sharp patch on its ripped naugahyde upholstery. They could not be repaired or replaced. This happened probably ten years ago and I’m still chasing the dragon.

Here’s what I was looking for: Grey pants, high waisted with a fly. Cropped but slighty tapered (but not joggers either). I found a few examples online but they were never availble in my size/preferred colour.

Fast forward to Wednesday. Most of my exercise comes from walking and I’ve also been in the market for some non-sli shoes for ambling in icy weather. My chiropodist recommended Wind River hiking boots, so I trekked up to Mark’s Work Wearhouse to see if they were on sale and to try them on to see if they fit. I’m glad I did because they did not fit. Disappointed, I stopped into the nearby Old Navy to check out there Boxing Day sales. And behold! There in the clearance section was one pair of grey pants. And they were in my size!

Perfect! Job done! Now get out and be on your way. But the discounts proved too tempting, so I also grabbed a striped wrap shirt and an animal print sweater. I also purchased a mint green sport bra, but that’s a necessity, not an impulse buy, right?