What’s Old

The latest round of restrictIons were somewhat lifted on Monday. And the weather was less frigid (all all the snow from the big snowstorm from two weeks ago is still around and many sidwalks are still unshoveled). What I’m trying to say is that I’ve been going stir crazy so I went to the Value Village. Here’s what I got.

I found a wrap around Swatch. it was missing its price tag so the cashier took it to the back for evaluation. It took a while. when he returned he apologized for the delay. He said they were trying to figure out why the strap was so long. I demonstrated how it was worn and he said, ”Oh! We thought it was a choker with a watch on it.”

And now this is how I want to wear it. Also the price was $2.99.

I also got these leather slippers because I am addicted to mules.