Found Objects Part 2

Alright! Part 2 of the cache of jewellry that I rediscovered on Wednesday. Let’s jump right in with these gold washed, Bond Boyd Sterling, stylized leaf earrings. They were originally screw backs but I converted them to pierced earrings.

And here are a pair of unsigned Mid Century Modern silver and lapis lazuli earrings.

I went through a phase of frequenting international craft shows, buying lots of dangling earrings like this silver and lapis number.

And these garnet cabochon girandoles.

And these moonstone drops. I don remeber the exact details of who made them or where they were created. My guess is Thailand (even though there is no distinctly Thai look to them.

Last but not least is this silver and synthetic ruby necklace by Dani. I got it as a gift at my first Baselworld. I need to work all of these pieces back into rotation (or rehome them).