Danish Dollarama

We were in Denmark for Mr. Andrew’s nephew Nicholas’ wedding. Our focus was on family but I still managed to come back with things. It’s really hard not to shop in Scandinavia because I adore the sense of style there. Because our time was limited, we only set out to go shopping once—to the mall to hit up two of my favourite discount shops: Flying Tiger and Søsterne Grene.

At Søsterne Grene I got a foldable polka dot rain poncho (because it was going to rain) and a cute headband (because the one I brought broke during the wedding).

Over at Flying Tiger I found a set of Walkie Talkies. I have always wanted walkie talkies. Now Mr. Andrew and I can talk to each other from different rooms in the house instead of texting each other.

I had researched the Flying Tiger website in advance of our visit and made a wish list. Most of the things I wanted weren’t available in store but I did get my two main things — a bandolier phone bag and a padded laptop bag.

On a side note, I love the colour story these pieces tell together.

I’ll be sharing other souvenirs and street style insp from my trip in my following posts. Gotta spread the joy out!