Quarantine Gets

One good thing about self-isolation (yes, we are still testing positive and yes public health days we can go out if we mask up and stay away from at-risk people but I’m a little leery still) is that staying home has limited my ability to go shopping. Note that I said limit. I still managed to acquire some new duds today.

Our neighbour had a yard sale, you see. So I masked up and perused from a distance. I picked out three things: A wool herringbone sleeveless coat (it reminded me the Horses Atelier Alchemical jacket), a crocheted maxi dress (it reminded me a bit of Bode), and a fur boa.

This is Mr. Andrew modelling the cost and boa.

The dress belonged to my neighbour’s mom. She told me it was a work of art and I agree. I pause $18 for it. My neighbour told me I could have the other two pieces for free.

Free is appreciated because I just spent my mad money on a nutrition and fitness program. Paying for meds is more expensive than buying clothes and watches.