Day To Night

I’m way behind on blogging. I don’t feel too bad about because sometimes I feel like I’m the last person still doing a blog. Everyone else has migrated to Instagram or Substack. I’m inconstant but at least I’m still here.

Apologies aside, I was also traveling for work this week. I went to St. Louis. We had a pretty tight schedule and it was a holiday, but I still managed to get some shopping in. Here’s what happened.

I forgot to pack my toothbrush, so I set off down the street to the Walgreens. I had a lovely little architectural tour of St. Louis. The city was at some point the fourth biggest in the US. So there were lots of wide boulevards lined with graceful mansions, tall apartment buildings that looked like the co-op from Ghostbusters, and International style public buildings.

There’s a cheap clothing store chain in the US called Rainbow. There was a Rainbow boutique across the street from the Walgreens. The clothes are generally Halloween costume quality but that is not a dealbreaker for me. Plus they have some cool accessories. So you know I had to go in.

First I got this ruffle sleeved T-shirt because I underpacked and didn’t have enough tops to get me through until I flew home.

I also bought a pair of leggings (something I needed to get anyway because I lost weight and my old tights were too big) and these knit running shoes (because $5).

The best buys were this lucite purse. Nothing makes your outfit look more glamorous than a fancy little evening bag. This cost $25 bucks. I also bought a sheet wrap skirt for $7. The beauty part of these purchases is that they can instantly dress up any basic black ensemble. Basically I went from this casual look by day….

To this glamourous cocktail party ensemble for night.

Just add tulle, crystal and black shoes! The skirt literally packs up inside the purse so that you don’t overload your luggage. This lewk is coming with me on my next trip for sure,